The Council of Global Unions (CGU) is a group of independent trade union organisations that represent over 200 million workers worldwide. As trade unionists, we are committed to building respect and dignity for all workers. We believe every worker is entitled to work free from discrimination and violence regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or sex characteristics.

Global Unions

In numbers

207 Mil.




To help build an inclusive world free from discrimination and intolerance, the CGU have formed a working group that comprises of members from each of the Global Unions. The CGU has adopted an LGBTI Solidarity Charter and will continue to work with our affiliated unions to build and strengthen LGBTI union structures, develop workplace policies inclusive of LGBTI rights and build a stronger and more inclusive global trade union movement.

This website shares the work of Global Unions promoting LGBTI rights at work at national, regional and international levels. The website is also a place for our affiliated unions to share the work they are doing in promoting LGBTI rights at work across the world. The website also provides a dedicated space (forum) where trade union members all over the world can discuss LGBTI issues and what they and their unions are doing to build a more tolerant and discrimination-free world.